Dave Sissens / RTGS.global

Dave Sissens: RTGS.global– Chief Executive Officer

Dave is the Chief Executive Officer of RTGS.global and responsible for all aspects of the building and running of the new Financial Market Infrastructure.  He has nearly thirty years’ experience within Financial Market Infrastructures (FMIs), settlement, and Fintech, with a particular focus in settlement risk mitigation.  His career includes twenty three years with CLS, where he was employee #4 and responsible for many parts of its design and implementation.  During his tenure at CLS he held a variety of senior roles spanning Technology, Delivery, Operations and Strategy.

Immediately prior to joining RTGS.global, Dave was Chief Solutions Officer for Financial Network Analytics (FNA), a leader in supervisory and regulatory technology and also payment system optimisation.  Prior to that, his experience includes a track record of thought leadership and strategic planning as a specialist consultant in the payment systems and FX industries. ​