Ricky Knox / TANDEM BANK

Ricky Knox is the founder and CEO of Tandem Bank, an app-based bank that aims to revolutionise banking in the customers’ favour.

Ricky is a serial entrepreneur who has created multiple successful businesses. He helped to create five technology disruptors in fintech and telecoms before founding Tandem Bank.

Ricky co-founded GSM Systems (a global mobile telephony network services provider) in 2003 and is a Director and Founder of Small World Financial Services Group, a global money transfer business with over £4bn of transfers and currently Europe’s largest independent Money Transfer operator. He is also Co-Founder and Non-Executive Director of Azimo, a social digital payments platform that enables simple, fast and secure remittances to 198 countries around the world.

Ricky is also Managing Partner at Hexagon Partners, a specialist private equity firm which invests in financial technology.

Ricky holds an MBA from INSEAD.